AMD Rumored to Announce RDNA Crypto Mining Cards

NVIDIA has officially announced the CMP HX series crypto mining cards, now new rumors said AMD is also working on these cards. According to a new patch from March 3rd, AMD is now proposing a Navi 12 headless GPU. This processor would also lack VCN, which indicates it would have a similar use as Navi 10 VCN-less processor.

– “Handle new NV12 SKU” – This change is in reference to Navi 12 coming to market and doesn’t support Video Core Next (VCN) video support as it’s going to be a headless SKU. Details on this headless Navi 12 SKU remain light and haven’t heard anything about it recently from AMD. This may be similar to the previously reported on Navi 10 “Blockchain” graphics card. That “blockchain” SKU added to the Linux driver at the end of last year also disabled the DCN and VCN driver paths since it’s obviously headless. Given NVIDIA just announced their CMP mining cards perhaps AMD will soon be announcing these Navi 1x Bitcoin mining SKUs…

— Michael Larabel, Phoronix

AMD has been working on RX 5700XTB, RX 5700B, and RX 5500XTB variants for Blockchain operations since at least November. Those could be the possible names of these new cards, but it is unclear if AMD wants its “Radeon” brand to be associated with mining.

via: VideoCardZ