AMD Navi 31 (RDNA 3) Rumored to be Dual 80CU Chiplet Design, Up to 10240 Cores

Here are some rumors about AMD’s next generation GPU Navi 31, also known as RDNA 3. According to Twitter user @Kepler_L2, it is rumored that Navi 31 has a dual chiplet design with 80 Compute Units each. This means that the GPU could offer up to 160 CUs in total, twice as many as Navi 21.

AMD RDNA 3 is also expected to bring a noticeable performance upgrade in ray tracing. Based on reviews, the RDNA 2 implementation of ray tracing hardware acceleration is clearly not as good as NVIDIA 2nd Gen RT core, so AMD has a lot of work to catch up.

AMD Navi 31 is expected to be announced in late 2021 to early 2022, to compete with NVIDIA’s AD102.